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Willamette.Net was started by David Klindt in early 1994, when the Internet was still in its infancy. Running the fledgling Internet company was a drastic change of pace for the former Army helicopter pilot-instructor and Rand Corporation consultant, but Dave saw a need for residential and commercial Internet access in the southern Willamette Valley. He started with a handful of second-hand Sun servers and a 56K frame-relay circuit, pitifully small-potatoes by today's standards, but more than adequate back then. In those early days it was not uncommon for Dave to spend the night in the server room, sleeping beside the servers.

The Internet grew, and Willamette.Net expanded along with it. Today, in addition to providing dial-up, ADSL broadband, and wireless Internet access, as well as web site and e-mail hosting, Willamette.Net has a state-of-the-art data center, a secure, air conditioned two-room facility that houses a number of other ISPs' servers, all connected to Willamette.Net's huge T-3 fiber circuit. Our dedicated team of high-end programmers, hardware and network engineers, and certified Cisco experts provide unparalleled customer support.

Although Willamette.Net today is a far cry from the company that Dave started back in 1994, we have never lost our friendly, personal approach to business. If you need Internet service please give us a call. Or come by and set a spell.

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