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Looking for an economical, yet state-of-the-art facility for your equipment? We invite you to check out our data center. No matter whether you just need a home for one small server that archives your company's off-site backups or you're an ISP with multiple racks of servers, routers, and switches, we can easily accommodate you.

Your equipment will stay cool as can be in one of our three climate-controlled server rooms, which are cooled by three independent air conditioners -- two massive units on the roof and a dedicated unit in our premium network operations center. And of course, sensors will notify us should temperatures rise above optimal in the center.

As for security, we've gone to great lengths to ensure that our facilities are as secure as possible, thanks to a combination of entry keypads, card-swipe machines, motion detectors, and video surveillance cameras. Getting into our data center undetected is virtually impossible.

Your equipment will be connected to our T3 fiber network, which can supply you with as much bandwidth as you require. The fact that that the fiber is already in place enables us to turn up as many T3 circuits as we need.

Speaking of reliability, one of the most important features of any data center is backup power when there's a power failure. The centerpiece of our system is the auto-switching, LG-powered generator on the roof, which is automatically started when a drop in power is sensed. In conjunction with the generator, we have two 1200 lb. banks of batteries that supply 48 volts of DC power, which rectifiers convert to clean 115V AC current. The robust system can supply backup power to the data center virtually indefinitely.

Finally, the cost of co-locating servers and other equipment in our facility is around half what our nearest competitor charges. That's why we call it our "bang-for-your-buck data center." And in these challenging economic times who doesn't want to save money? If you have need of a data center to co-lo one or more servers, we don't think you can beat ours. We'll be glad to give you the VIP tour.

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