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Like a phone, an Internet connection is a necessity these days. Without Internet most people feel isolated, cut off from the world. Willamette.Net offers several types of connections to suit most needs and budgets.

Dial-up. The oldest method of connection to the Internet is also the least expensive. It requires only a dial-up modem, which most computers come equipped with as standard; if not, an internal modem card or external modem can be purchased for less than fifty dollars. Dial-up will require a phone line, of course. Connection speed is up to 56K, depending on the quality of your phone line. This is adequate for e-mail and most web browsing, but may seem pokey if you're downloading music or videos. On the other hand, at only $15 per month many folks don't mind waiting a bit longer. If you order dial-up, which includes an e-mail address, we can have you surfing the Internet in fifteen minutes.

Click here for a list of dial-up numbers for cities in Oregon.

ADSL broadband. Roughly ten times faster than dial-up, broadband has become the new standard. Movies, music, and large files download in a jifffy, and large web sites load without delay. But like dial-up, ADSL requires a phone line -- a Qwest line, to be specific. We charge $20 per month for our part, and Qwest charges around $28 per month for a line, for a total of $48 per month for a 1.5 Mb ADSL broadband connection, about the same as Comcast cable. If you're interested in broadband give us a call or drop by our office and we'll check with Qwest to see if your phone qualifies (at this time, a few areas of Eugene-Springfield and outlying areas still do not). It will usually take ten working days to process your order. An ADSL modem will be sent to you, and then we'll talk you through the easy setup.


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