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If you're in business, a web site and e-mail are indespensible tools. Without them your company is at a tremendous disadvantage in today's competitive world, where much business is conducted online.

The web is the great equalizer -- a polished, professional web site can give even a two-person company a web presence that rivals that of General Motors or Microsoft. Conversely, a poorly designed and executed web site can make the largest company seem small potatoes. Willamette.Net's staff of graphic design artists and programmers can provide expert assistance with site design, programming, and e-commerce. Hosting for business sites is $15/mo. and up, depending on space and bandwidth requirements, and includes five e-mail addresses.

Speaking of e-mail, Willamette.Net's e-mail system is efficient, flexible, and secure. All incoming mail is scanned for spam, viruses, Trojans, worms, and other dangerous content by dedicated pre-processing servers before being handed off to our primary mail server for delivery. A web-based mail account manager is available, giving users total control over their e-mail and spam settings. We also provide a web-based interface that enables users to access their e-mail from any computer with an Internet connection and a browser. Standalone e-mail accounts are $3/mo.

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