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Tools, Utilities, & Tutorials

Free Tools For Windows

Here are some links to FREE tools that speed up your Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and help it run more efficiently.

Security Videos

If you're concerned about protecting your computer and your information online (and who isn't?), Microsoft has some short videos that will enable you to learn more about the top security issues that affect computer users.

NetFAQs Tutorials

Useful, well written online tutorials covering dialup, e-mail, and a great many other topics for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms.

E-mail & Spam

Why Can't I Send E-mail?

If you suddenly can't send e-mail to anyone, there are a number of things that could be causing the problem.

Are You Missing E-mail?

If you're not getting e-mail that people have sent you, there's a good chance it's in your spam mailbox.

If Mail Sent To You Bounces

If someone informs you that mail they try to send to you bounces back to them as undeliverable, there can be a number of reasons why.

I Didn't Send This!

"I didn't send this e-mail, so why am I getting a bounce for something I didn't send?" We'll explain why.

Mailbox Housekeeping

It's important to configure your mail program to remove mail from the server at the same time it is picked up.

Adjusting Spam Filter Sensitivity

Adjusting the sensitivity of your spam filtering is easy to do using the Web-based account manager:

Don't Want Spam Filtering?

If you do not want spam filtering for some reason, you can turn it off. It's simple -- we'll show you how.

What's With Those [*Spam*] Tags?

If a message looks to the Mailcleaner like spam it will add a [*Spam*] tag to the subject, and here's why.

Dealing With Spam

Annoyed by all the spam you've been getting? So are we. That's why we've began implementing more aggressive measures recently.

Improved Spam Filtering

Customers have been telling us they've noticed a marked decrease in the amount of spam they've been getting lately, despite the fact that spammers have increased their efforts to fill mailboxes with unwanted messages.

Bogus E-mail

Occasionally, Willamette.Net customers receive e-mail advising that their mail account settings have been changed due to a security upgrade or similar pretext, and urging them to click on a link provided.

Web Site Info

Why Aren't the New Files I Uploaded To My Site Showing Up?

Probably because you uploaded them to the wrong directory. They need to be placed in a specific directory to be visible.

Spaces In File Names

If your site is hosted on one of our Unix servers, and it has files that use spaces in the file names, you should give some serious thought to abandoning the practice.

Upper and Lower Case In File Names

When you name your web site's HTML files with mixed upper and lower case, you should be especially careful to have links match corresponding files exactly.

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