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JiffyMail is a web-based mass-mailer that's flexible and easy to use. A company might use it to e-mail announcements, bulletins, or newsletters to an opt-in mailing list. (It goes without saying that using it to send out unsolicited commercial e-mail, i.e., spam, would be frowned on.) JiffyMail installation on your web site is reasonable; monthly billing is based on usage, at the rate of $.02 per mailing.


JiffyForum is Willamette.Net's easy-to-use message board system. Unlike most forum software, which is often feature-laden and complicated, JiffyForum is streamlined and simple to use. JiffyForum can be installed on your web site, ready to use, in a jiffy.


WebFTP is a system for uploading, downloading, and deleting files using a browser. It is designed to manage document files in a dedicated directory. It would have an application for companies with a need for files to easily be uploaded. For example, sales people could upload and download company documents, contracts, brochures, images, etc. using their browsers.

Keep in mind that WebFTP is not intended for maintaining a web site's HTML files. Why not? Because all CGI scripts run as an unprivileged user. Unprivileged users do not have permission to change files owned by the web site. And it would be a security risk to change ownership of a site's directories and files so that the unprivileged user had write permission. However, a specific, dedicated WebFTP document directory is another matter.

Two typical applications: (1) An advertising company has a directory on their site containing a large number of image files. Their staff photographers and salespeople out in the field need access to these files. (2) A medical facility needs to provide physicians with access to an online repository of scanned x-rays. In both cases, whosoever they may wish to have access privileges can use their browsers to conveniently upload and download files -- wherever they may be. WebFTP is a document management system, not a web site management system. It's a site-specific, browser-based alternative to FTP programs.

WebFTP installation and setup is quite reasonable.

Coupon/Ad Tracker

The Coupon Tracker is a PHP/MySQL-based system for managing advertising coupons and ads on a web site, and for counting impressions and click-throughs of these coupons and ads. It generates both web-based reports and e-mail reports that are automatically sent to advertisers on a periodic basis, which is configurable. (It currently does not rotate ads or coupons. Tracking impressions or click-throughs for rotating ads is problematic due to certain browsers' habit of stubbornly caching images.) Call or e-mail for price

All applications are password-protected. Call or e-mail to request access to see a demo.

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