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If you need programming or database services for your site, Willamette.Net can provide it. Our staff of experienced programmers can handle any programming need you're likely to have, efficiently and inexpensively. Contact forms, guestbooks, requests for information, sign-up forms -- all require CGI scripts to process the data submitted. Our scripts can e-mail the information to you, as well as store it in a text file or SQL database for later retrieval. Speaking of databases, if you need a custom application or even a full-blown, database-driven site, Willamette.Net can deliver it.

  • Form creation
  • CGI scripting
  • Database programming
  • Report generation
  • Data tabulation
  • Automatic e-mailing
  • Dynamic page generation

The interactivity that programming can provide will make your site more useful and interesting to your visitors. Call us today at 465-3282 or e-mail us at to discuss your programming needs.

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